50 Miles to feed 50 people - Tyla Kotze


Tyla is an 18 year old Torbay resident that approached us here at Torbay Food Alliance to ask if she could raise some funds and challenge herself at the same time! 

Tyla's ambition is to join the military and decided that while increasing fitness, she would raise money for us too!! 


"I am going to be raising money for Torbay Food Alliance by running 50 miles in 4 weeks. They are made up of community and voluntary sector organizations, all working together in direct response to COVID-19. 

The idea behind this name is 3 meals will cost about £5 a day and as my aim is £250, I will be running 50 miles in an attempt to raise enough for 50 people for a whole day.

I have chosen running, as I find it very difficult (but need to get my fitness up for my military career) and I wish to challenge myself so that I can experience struggling in a different way. Also, try to understand how it feels to be hopelessly hungry in such a stressful time. 

This is such an important cause to me due to seeing how this virus is affecting society physically and mentally. As food is a basic human need, it is essential there is help for those who need it, whenever and wherever."

The Alliance members cannot thank Tyla enough for her dedication and support! Tyla is updating her Crowdfunder page regularly and you can track all of her fantastic progress, blisters and all! 


If you would like to support Tyla then please donate to her Crowdfunder page.